Chessex Manufacturing Company, LLC
Box of 50™ Classic Polyhedral Dice Sets

Each Sampler contains 50 sets in the following assortment:

2 x 27435 Vortex® Polyhedral Green/gold 7-Die Set
2 x 27402 Marble Polyhedral Ivory/black 7-Die Set
2 x 27489 Phantom® Polyhedral Teal/gold 7-Die Set
2 x 27478 Velvet® Polyhedral Black/red 7-Die Set
2 x 27465 Cirrus® Polyhedral Aqua/silver 7-Die Set
2 x 27503 Glitter Polyhedral Gold/silver 7-Die Set
2 x 27441 Festive® Polyhedral Vibrant/brown 7-Die Set
2 x 27437 Vortex® Polyhedral Purple/gold 7-Die Set
2 x 27406 Frosted™ Polyhedral Blue/white 7-Die Set
2 x 27434 Vortex® Polyhedral Burgundy/gold 7-Die Set
2 x 27457 Festive® Polyhedral Violet/white 7-Die Set
2 x 27416 Frosted™ Polyhedral Caribbean Blue™/white 7-Die Set
2 x 27498 Lustrous® Polyhedral Black/gold 7-Die Set
2 x 27405 Frosted™ Polyhedral Teal/white 7-Die Set
2 x 27450 Festive® Polyhedral Mosaic/yellow 7-Die Set
2 x 27497 Lustrous® Polyhedral Purple/gold 7-Die Set
2 x 27493 Lustrous® Polyhedral Gold/silver 7-Die Set
2 x 27418 Leaf™ Polyhedral Black Gold/silver 7-Die Set
1 x 27490 Lustrous® Polyhedral Slate™/white 7-Die Set
1 x 27524 Ghostly Glow™ Polyhedral Pink/silver 7-Die Set
1 x 27401 Frosted™ Polyhedral Clear/black 7-Die Set
1 x 27433 Vortex® Polyhedral Orange/black 7-Die Set
1 x 27496 Lustrous® Polyhedral Dark Blue w/green 7-Die Set
1 x 27423 Vortex® Polyhedral Solar/white 7-Die Set
2 x 26452 Gemini® Polyhedral Blue-Orange w/white 7-Die Set
2 x 26451 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Gold/silver 7-Die Set
2 x 26431 Gemini® Polyhedral Green-Red/white 7-Die Set
2 x 26461 Gemini® Polyhedral Orange-Steel/gold 7-Die Set
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