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Best of Chessex™ 7-Die Polyhedral Dice Set Sampler

Each Sampler Contains one set of each in the following assortment:

1 x 23074 Translucent Polyhedral Red/white 7-Die set
1 x 23085 Translucent Polyhedral Teal/white 7-Die set
1 x 25338 Speckled® Polyhedral Blue Stars™ 7-Die set
1 x 25344 Speckled® PolyhedralSilver Volcano™ 7-Die set
1 x 25418 Opaque Polyhedral Black/red 7-Die set
1 x 25408 Opaque Polyhedral Black/white 7-Die set
1 x 26435 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Blue/gold 7-Die set
1 x 26439 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Green/gold 7-Die set
1 x 26445 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Grey/green 7-Die set
1 x 26440 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Purple/gold 7-Die set
1 x 26433 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Red/gold 7-Die set
1 x 26458 Gemini® Polyhedral Black-Starlight/red 7-Die set
1 x 26449 Gemini® Polyhedral Purple-Teal/gold 7-Die set
1 x 26456 Gemini® Polyhedral Steel-Teal/white 7-Die set
1 x 27581 Borealis® Polyhedral Icicle™/light blue Luminary™ 7-Die set
1 x 27575 Borealis® Polyhedral Light Green/gold Luminary™ 7-Die set
1 x 27584 Borealis® Polyhedral Pink/silver Luminary™ 7-Die set
1 x 27587 Borealis® Polyhedral Royal Purple/gold Luminary™ 7-Die set
1 x 27546 Festive® Polyhedral Waterlily™/white 7-Die set
1 x 27566 Luminary™ Polyhedral Sky/silver 7-Die set
1 x 27557 Nebula® Polyhedral Nocturnal/blue Luminary™ 7-Die set
1 x 27556 Nebula® Polyhedral Oceanic/gold Luminary™ 7-Die set
1 x 27415 Scarab® Polyhedral Jade/gold 7-Die set
1 x 27414 Scarab® Polyhedral Scarlet™/gold 7-Die set
1 x 27430 Vortex® Polyhedral Bright Green/black 7-Die set
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