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20mm 6-sided Dice w/Pips Sale
(72) - Original Retail: $108.00

Signature™ and Classic™ Colors
2 DC2055 Cirrus® Aqua/silver
2 DF2060 Festive® Carousel™
2 DF2065 Festive® Green/silver
2 DL2050 Leaf™ Steel/gold
2 DL2058 Leaf™ Black Gold/silver
2 DL2090 Lustrous® Slate™/white
2 DL2093 Lustrous® Gold/silver
2 DL2097 Lustrous® Purple/gold
2 DL2098 Lustrous® Black/gold
2 DL2099 Lustrous® Shadow/gold
2 DP2088 Phantom® Black/Silver
2 DC2004 Scarab® Scarlet/gold
2 DC2005 Scarab® Jade/gold
2 DC2006 Scarab® Royal Blue/gold
2 DC2009 Scarab® Blue Blood™/gold
2 DL2036 Velvet® Bright Blue/silver
2 DV2005 Vortex® Green/gold
2 DV2006 Vortex® Blue/gold
2 DV2007 Vortex® Purple/gold
2 DV2019 Vortex® Teal/gold
2 DV2024 Vortex® Burgundy/gold
2 DV2025 Vortex® Malachite Green/yellow

Gemini® Colors
2 DG2022 Gemini® Blue-Gold/white
2 DG2023 Gemini® Blue-Steel/white
2 DG2024 Gemini® Copper-Steel/white
2 DG2025 Gemini® Gold-Green/white
2 DG2026 Gemini® Purple-Red/gold
2 DG2027 Gemini® Black-Copper/white
2 DG2028 Gemini® Blue-Purple/gold
2 DG2031 Gemini® Green-Red/white
2 DG2035 Gemini® Black-Blue/gold
2 DG2036 Gemini® Blue-Green/gold
2 DG2039 Gemini® Black-Green/gold
2 DG2040 Gemini® Black-Purple/gold
2 DG2046 Gemini® Black-Shell w/white
2 DG2050 Gemini® Red-Yellow w/silver
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