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Skyrealms of Jorune™ RPG

"Escape the bounds of the ordinary and enter Jorune, a complete and self-consistent world of adventure. A world where you match your wits against alien creatures with unearthly powers. A world where you can learn to weave ancient energy into fantastic orbs and bolts. A world of Skyrealms and dark warps, Earth—Tec arsenals and Bio—Tec lifeforms.
Set out on your hearty thombo, or fly by talmaron. Sail the skies aboard a laspian crystal schooner. Seek out the Skykealms, for they hold some of the world's greatest treasures. To survive their challenges, pursue the knowledge of the ancients, and the power of their crystals. Ramian sometimes inhabit these floating realms, so stay sharp and carry a blaster. lf that’s not your style, bring along a corastin bodyguard and let him handle it.
But there’s more to Jorune than just combat. Jorune is a place where names like lscin, Mayatrish, and Caji Gends inspire admiration, where the thailiers of the huge corondon are cast into blades, where shanthas rule a technology invisible to most humans.
But if you are into combat, you're looking in the right place. On Jorune, you don’t resolve combat, you role-play it. Characters can choose strategies and make called shots. It's rough and tumble, with overhead swings, evades, and energy defenses. Creatures like The Dhar Corondon are no picnic. With our wound system you’ll lose a lot more than hit points if a thailier rakes across your chest.
This is no empty universe for the referee to fill in. Jorune has 3500 years of history behind it, and the century that leads up to gameplay is described in detail. All of the minor realms are presented, and Burdoth is fully at the referee's disposal, mapped and described in detail. Jorune includes an indepth look at the capital city of Ardoth.
Create a character that strikes your fancy, from any walk of life. A Gloundan Shadow Warrior, an Earth-Tec Scientist, a Thike Fighter, a Beaster, a Githerin, and a Dyte Punk are just a few examples. Roll your stats or use the ones listed. Pick a few bonus skills and you're ready to game.
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