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Sobayid Atlas™ (for Jorune™)

"A belt of desert between the verdant lands of Glounda and the Gauss Valley to the north and the sweltering East Trinnu Jungle Lands to the south, the Sobayid becomes a new source of mystery, danger and adventures for your group. Adventure in friendly, open cities like muadra-controlled Miedrinth and familiar Laindis, or in brooding, secretive places like Cavris and Coise. Discover the shanthic cashiln tunnels, the secret of the ruins of Taysis, the growing industry of earth-based foods at Cavris, the black market of Miedrinth's South Gate Market> or secret isho societies and political intrigues in the Ishara of Miedrinth. If you have the courage, you may join a group of jers as they brave the dangers of the Jungle — to wrest the treasures to be found within.

• New dyshas and new knowledge of the muadra and their societies
• New maps of the Sobayid and street maps of major cities
• Dozens of villages inhabited by a variety of races
• New creatures of the desert, the jungle and the farming districts
• Never before revealed secrets of the shantha, the caji and the deserts
• Page after page of new material to help shape and plot your next Jorune campaign

Leave Your World Behind"
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