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Gire of Sillipus™ (Jorune™ Module)

"The ramian Gire were pirate heroes who ranged across the oceans of Jorune in search of riches arid the plant shirm-eh, needed to cure their families in Voligire. Grim, silent and merciless, the Gire raided the rich southern trade routes by way of a sea warp connected to the frigid Waters of Vosule.
But the warp can be destroyed and the wild land of Sillipus now hosts the kind of people who are willing to do it!
The Gire of Sillipus sends your adventurers on a trek through the dark side of Jorune, into contact with the Blue Legion - powerful muadra with a thirst for power; The Dreg - a slave trader who commands the swords of seasoned condrij fighters; and Sardon D'Obreth -the figure in the background who holds all the key pieces.
This adventure resource includes:
• Campaign setting and detailed NPC's
• Maps of key cities, villages and sea routes used in the adventure
• Floor plans for the buildings and compounds on Sillipus
• New creatures of the Sillipian forests
• New revelations about the pirate realm and those who call it home
• Page after page of new material to help shape and plot your next Jorune campaign"
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