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Sorcerer King Board Game 2/E
Wotan Games (1986)

In this classic fantasy board game, players battle it out with each other and hordes of chaos creatures for control of Partas, and then to crown their nominee in the ancient throne room of the Sorcerer Kings. Now in its second edition, completely revised with expanded rules and more spells, Sorcerer King is a game where planning and battle strategy are more important than luck, or the inclination to slay everything that moves. A brilliantly effective combat system consisting of magic, missile and melee phases, coupled with naturalistic movement, character advancement and a climactic ending will give any lover of fantasy and strategy a game to remember.

Playing time: 2-4 hours (3 hours average)
Number of players: 2-6
Complexity rating: 4/5 medium complexity
Game design: Julian Musgrave
Box Artwork: Robin Parry

Box contains
Full color game board of the ruined city of Partas
6 sets of playing counters plus chaos creatures, 352 in all
Power card pack
Spell card pack
Task card pack
Rule book with background on the kingdoms of Gomaine
10-sided dice
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